And Death Shall come, to a New Life

Aquilo que me empalava, retirei.
Alguns sabem do que falo, porém algumas coisas acontecem de maneira interessante.
Descobrimos muito através das mensagens nas entrelinhas, mas percebemos, geralmente, tarde demais.
Algumas vezes os gatilhos nos avisam a tempo e é por isso que gosto de ouvir Uriah Heep. As letras dessa banda sempre clareiam minhas idéias e ideais e, curiosamente, muitas vezes me alertam.
Segue, então uma música e o trecho inicial da música seguinte do não tão excelente disco Abominog, dessa excelente banda.

That's the way that it is:

I’ve been thinking about
What you said last night
And for all your fine words
You still don’t have it right
‘Cause that’s the way that it is
And you won’t ever change
You can scream at me
But the powers that be
Won’t ever hear your voice
‘Cause they’re lost
In their own importance
No, they’ll never hear your voice
‘Cause that’s the way that it is
And you won’t ever change it
I’ve heard all your stories
Of how the few can be strong
And how you’ll fight to the end
Just to prove me wrong
‘Cause that’s the way that you are
And you won’t ever change it
But don’t come cryin’ to me
If your fanciful schemes
Don’t turn out like you planned
‘Cause you’re chasin’ after something
That keeps slippin’ through your hand
That’s the way that it is
And you won’t change it

The Prisioner
Time has come to say goodbye
To the broken memories
They’re locked inside like prisoners
In a place that no-one sees
Stayed up late with a friend of mine
Southern Comfort till dawn
We talked about the pains of love
Should’ve known from
The start you were wrong